Careers in Cancer Research

Individuals with many different roles and backgrounds contribute to cancer research. Interviews with these diverse people explore what their work involves, how they arrived at their positions and how it contributes to cancer research.

  • Dr. David Uehling

    Senior Chemist, Medicinal Chemistry, OICR

    “Building a chemical molecule is sort of like solving a puzzle. Having that problem solving training is useful for many different jobs.”

  • Michelle Sam

    Sequencing Project Coordinator, Genome Technologies, OICR

    “In science there is a high degree of uncertainty and often times we need to troubleshoot or diagnose a problem in real time in order to modify a protocol or salvage a sample. The work is quite dynamic and priorities are ever changing so a high degree of flexibility is required.”

  • Alison van Nie

    Research Ethics Officer and Privacy Officer, Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board, OICR

    “The role of the ethics board is to ensure that the research has validity and integrity, that the science is sound, and that the people who will become participants in the research are protected, including protection for their personal information.”

  • Aaron Fenster

    Director and Scientist, Imaging Research Laboratories, Robarts Research Institute

    “To a young investigator, it sounded really cool to have your research used. It's the translational aspect of cancer research that has interested me for all my life.”

  • Adam Wright

    Bioinformatics Software Developer, Informatics and Bio-computing, OICR

    “I believe that my job helps the battle against cancer by organizing the data in a way that can be used throughout the process. I facilitate the discovery process by helping people get data and visualize it.”