Funding Opportunities

Developing therapeutic trials with imaging and/or biospecimens requires assessing and prioritizing the scientific, biomarker, and clinical trial opportunities for impact on the outcome of cancer patients. 

As the HICT Program will only rarely fund the full costs of clinical trials, the HICT investment will largely be in trials that are planned and supported through other resources into which biomarker or other translational studies can be embedded. Each HICT funded project will address a hypothesis-driven translational research question within a clinical trial that is well-designed to answer the question.  Support funds will cover the activities for the evaluation, optimization, and implementation of assays and imaging protocols, sample collection, handling and analysis to conduct the translational research within the trial from inception to final analysis. 

Applications for funding from the HICT Program will include:

1. Request for Proposals: Eligible projects are biospecimen and functional imaging studies that address novel translational research questions associated with a clinical trial. Priority is given to projects that:

  • Build on HICT themes in functional imaging, characterization of circulating tumours cells, cancer stem cells and genomics;
  • Address the OICR Clinical Challenges such as:
    • High fatality rate of pancreatic cancer;
    • Over diagnosis of prostate cancer;
    • Over aggressive treatment of early stage breast cancer.
  • Are associated with clinical trials that have received favorable external scientific peer-review;
  • Are multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary projects.

2. Small Project Submissions: Requests for support of specimen collection/analysis associated with a clinical trial. Priority is given to projects associated with multi-centre trials that:

  • Are sponsored by and/or have external funding from other agencies;
  • Have received favorable external scientific peer-review;
  • Have all approvals in place, including ethics;
  • Meet the HICT Program’s objectives and the OICR’s strategic priorities;
  • Have multicentre and multi-disciplinary collaborations;
  • Must be able to be complete within a year.

3. HICT Endorsed Trials: Requests for support through the Translational Research Team award for a trial with translational research that meets HICT Program objectives and the OICR mandate;

  • Must have multicentre and multi-disciplinary collaborations;
  • The trial is sponsored/has external funding from other funding agencies;
  • The trial has received favorable external peer review. Eligible external review include:
    • Agencies such as NCI-CTEP, CCSRI, CBCF, Prostate Canada, NCIC CTG, CIHR;
    • A minimum of 2 external and independent expert reviewers. Ineligible: Departmental review within an institution and/or REB review;
  • Approval of the TRT-Principal Investigator;
  • HET applications will only be considered if there is underutilized TRT funded infrastructure. TRT resources must be reallocated to a HICT RFP when required. Each HET will be approved on a per trial, per TRT site basis.