Medicinal Chemistry

Platform Leader
Dr. Rima Al-awar

The mission of the Medicinal Chemistry Platform at OICR is to build a drug discovery program that can efficiently translate cancer-related academic discoveries into novel oncology therapies that will have a significant impact on the cancer patient population.

The Medicinal Chemistry Platform is comprised of three major functional areas: chemistry (medicinal, analytical and computational); drug delivery and formulation (focused on nanotechnology);and biology and screening support. Group members bring a collective depth and breadth of academic, pharmaceutical and biotech experiences and have a record of delivering high-quality leads and clinical candidates.

Under the leadership of Dr. Rima Al-awar, former Head in Discovery Chemistry at Eli Lilly & Co., the Medicinal Chemistry Platform has established key external collaborations with local institutions such as the University of Toronto, McMaster and Queen’s universities and other OICR Research Programs and Platforms such as the Terry Fox-OICR Selective Therapies Program and the Cancer Stem Cell Program. The Medicinal Chemistry Platform continues to seek additional collaborations with recognized world leaders in the fields of oncology and cancer therapeutics with particular focus on novel targets and clinical applications.

Medicinal Chemistry team