High Impact Clinical Trials Program


The High Impact Clinical Trial (HICT) Program is a joint program of OICR and Cancer Care Ontario (CCO). As one of OICR’s translational programs, the HICT Program will support hypothesis-driven translational research in clinical trials that will facilitate the evaluation of personalized medicine strategies and interventions consistent with OICR’s strategic priorities.

The vision of the HICT Program is to enhance Ontario’s capacity to conduct clinical trials that will change how we prevent, diagnose, monitor and treat cancer patients. The mission of the Program is to increase Ontario’s capacity to effectively conduct high-impact translational research within cancer clinical trials focusing on areas of experimental therapeutics, biospecimen-based diagnostics and imaging of patient response to treatment consistent with OICR’s strategic priorities. The ultimate goal of the Program is to support high priority hypothesis-testing biomarker evaluations through well-designed and conducted clinical trials that advance OICR’s scientific agenda.

The objectives of the program are to:

  1. Support the best translational research and biomarker studies in clinical trials based on science, clinical need and potential for impact;
  2. Expand imaging and biospecimen collaborations within clinical trials;
  3. Improve clinical trial operations, activities and methods to ensure speed, quality and access through common contracts, budgets, central ethics and SOPs, and research on clinical trial design and best practices;
  4. Develop and provide educational opportunities for clinical trial and translational clinicians, scientists and research staff.

The HICT Program aims to execute its mission by enhancing science, collaborations, capacity, education and operational efficiencies by working with industry and academic clinical trial sponsors and researchers at Ontario institutions.

High Impact Clinical Trials Program Fact Sheet

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High Impact Clinical Trials Program Fact Sheet

Lead Principal Investigator

Dr. Janet Dancey
Program Director

Contact Information

Dr. Janet Dancey

janet [dot] danceyatoicr [dot] on [dot] ca

Telephone: 416-673-6532