The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) is committed to the value and importance of commercialization as part of its mission and has identified commercialization as one of the top four objectives of its Strategic Plan.

The mandate of the Commercialization group is to foster an effective and collaborative approach to the commercialization of cancer-related innovations arising from research in Ontario. The group lists the following amongst its objectives:

  • Engage industry strategics and private equity groups to partner, develop and implement novel business models to accelerate proof of concept data (Phase I/II);
  • Invest in promising IP through the IPDC Investment Fund (seed stage);
  • Create a culture that recognizes and develops the value of translation and commercializing cancer-related innovations and bring those benefits to Ontario residents;
  • Take a proactive role in the management of intellectual property (IP) arising as a result of OICR investments.

OICR will strive to meet these goals through collaborative efforts with our partner institutions and other key players involved in the commercialization of life science innovations in Ontario.

Commercialization Business Model