How to Apply


  • Pre-approval of projects by the OICR Commercialization team is mandatory:
    • Please fill out this form (v3a-September 2011) and send to the Commercialization team;
    • All information will be held confidential. We will provide feedback within 10 business days as to the suitability of the project for the IPDC Fund. The feedback is intended to assist with the application process;
    • Applications to the IPDC Fund are subjected to external review and internal review and due diligence by OICR.
  • It is anticipated that up to three projects will be funded each fiscal year;
  • Part of OICR's mandate is to demonstrate a positive impact on the commercialization of cancer-related intellectual property (IP) in Ontario. Revenues earned by OICR will serve as one measure of success and will support future rounds of applications. OICR will not seek an ownership position in IP developed by others, but it will seek to share in revenues earned by IP that is successfully commercialized following OICR's investment.

Application steps

  1. Fill out the Request Form (v3a-Oct 2011).
  2. Attach a CV for each applicant Investigator. CV’s should be in the Canadian Common CV format and should include information pertaining to academic background, distinctions/awards/credentials, work experience, funding (abstracts not needed) and contributions (summary and details: including publication list). Hardcopies and softcopies of CVs to be attached as indicated below. For applicants without a Canadian Common CV (e.g. non-academics), other formats are accepted.
  3. One paper copy and one complete electronic copy of the following must be sent to the below address:
    • The Request Form, signed and completed;
    • Parts A and B are to be prepared in both PDF and Word formats;
    • Parts C and D (IPDCP Budget and GANTT module). Note: OICR will pay up to 30 per cent institutional overhead on eligible expenses, which is automatically calculated by the budget spreadsheet. OICR will not pay overhead to start-up companies. You may use your own Budget and GANTT software if you prefer, so long as sufficient detail is provided for OICR to evaluate the expenses and progress on a quarterly basis;
    • CVs of the Investigators;
    • Appendix (background material, if applicable).

Address for Submission

Please send hardcopies to:

Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
Attention: David Koehler, Director, Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization
MaRS Centre, South Tower
101 College Street, Suite 800
Toronto ON M5G 0A3

Electronic files may be provided on CD or memory stick, or sent to

All applications will be reviewed by OICR's Commercialization team with external reviewers selected from the academic and business communities.

For details please contact David Koehler, Director, Intellectual Property Development and Commercialization.