OICR Master Research Agreement


Successful applicants will sign a Master Research Agreement (MRA) with OICR. The MRA, among other terms and conditions, will:

1) Identify the lead parties for specific activities defined in the Request approved by OICR. For commercialization activities, the lead parties will be determined on a “best able to develop and commercialize the intellectual property (IP)” basis having considered the following factors at a minimum:

1.1) A thorough understanding of the needs of market receptors relative to the IP.

1.2) Availability and access to opportunities, including in-licensing where appropriate, to bundle IP across complementary fields of activity.

1.3) Motivation.

1.4) Demonstrated capability.

1.5) Timeliness and workload.

In most cases the lead party will be the Recipient institution’s Technology Transfer Office or in the case of a start-up company, the executive management.

2) Describe reporting mechanisms including, but not limited to, disclosure procedures for IP arising during the course of the Project.

3) Identify milestones (e.g., key deliverables) and provide a schedule for their completion and the release of funds.

4) Describe a detailed budget directly linked to the milestones.

5) Define the responsibilities of the Lead Parties and progress reporting requirements.

6) Describe the Consideration from the Recipient to OICR in the form of royalties, milestone payments, convertible debt, equity or other mechanisms for revenue sharing.