Two CSC Research Teams Funded to Advance Cancer Stem Cell Research
Two major multinational consortia (combined $80 million funding over four years) funded by The Cancer StemCell Consortium and the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine have been awarded to Canada-wide teams led by Drs. John Dick and Tak Mak. OICR CSC Program investigators play a key role in both consortia.

The goal of these teams will be to move several new drugs that target CSCs for leukemia, breast cancer, brain cancer and colon cancer through pre-clinical development. The leukemia program will also develop CSC-specific biomarkers of drug response to aid in selecting the patients who will best respond to the selected therapy.

CIRM press release
CSCC press release

Pfizer Global Research and Development joins forces with Ontario cancer researchers and contributes $6 million to combat colon cancer

A partnership with Pfizer to move results from the laboratory into preclinical and clinical trials over the next five years has a focus on colon cancer stem cells.