Ontario Health Study


The Ontario Health Study (OHS) Program is an innovative population-based health study serving as an integrated platform to investigate the complex interplay of environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors that increase individual and community risk of developing cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma, depression and other common adult diseases. Recently expanded to all adult residents of Ontario, it has a strong focus on chronic disease and on family and community health. The OHS seeks to collect data from every consenting person, 18 years of age and over, living in Ontario (about 9.5 million people) through participation in a baseline online questionnaire, with the intention of following participants for their entire adult lifespan. Concerted efforts will be made to capture the ethnic, geographic and cultural diversity of Ontario.

Recruitment is supported by a broad communication and engagement strategy. Enrolment and data collection at baseline is performed via a website (www.ontariohealthstudy.ca) and an online questionnaire (nationally and internationally harmonized). Additional online questionnaires will collect information on psychosocial and mental health, diet and supplement use, physical activity and sedentary behaviour, and environmental exposures based on residential and occupational histories. Collection of community level factors including the built environment, nutrition policy and tobacco policy are also planned. Where possible, the OHS will harmonize with other provincial, national and international initiatives. In particular, harmonized data on at least 150,000 OHS participants, 35 to 69 years of age, will be Ontario’s contribution to the Canadian Partnership for Tomorrow Project (CPTP), a five-province, pan-Canadian cohort with a projected target of 300,000 participants aged 35 to 69 years. The OHS currently comprises around 62 per cent of participants in the national CPTP.

Visit the website at www.ontariohealthstudy.ca

Ontario Health Study Fact Sheet

Ontario Health Study Fact Sheet