Smarter Imaging Program


The goal of the Smarter Imaging Program is to increase both the sensitivity (earlier detection) and specificity (more accurate diagnosis) of cancer imaging and to use information from images to help optimize selection of therapy to avoid over- or under-treatment of disease.

Cancer is frequently detected when it has invaded surrounding tissue and spread more widely within the body. Cancers also vary in their characteristics, so an approach of one treatment for all is seldom optimal. By detecting cancers earlier and treating them with the most appropriate therapy, researchers could make major inroads against this disease.

The Program is focused on imaging technology and probes that target biomarkers representing molecular, physical or functional changes associated with cancer to diagnose and treat it most effectively.

The Smarter Imaging Program is working with the Imaging Translation Program to develop and translate tools and techniques for earlier detection and diagnosis of cancer into clinical practices by exploiting major recent advances in molecular biology, chemistry and physics.

Smarter Imaging Program Fact Sheet Fact Sheet

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Smarter Imaging Program Fact Sheet

Lead Principal Investigator

Dr. Martin Yaffe
Co-Program Leader

Dr. Aaron Fenster
Co-Program Director

Contact Information

Dr. Martin Yaffe

martin [dot] yaffeatsri [dot] utoronto [dot] ca

Telephone: 416-480-5715