Novel Imaging Probes Project


The goal of the Novel Imaging Probes Project is to develop and validate new imaging tracers that increase both the sensitivity (earlier detection) and specificity (more accurate diagnosis) of cancer detection.

The most important criteria for inclusion of these technologies into the Imaging Program was their potential to bringing existing technology or recent advances in chemical synthesis of new probes to benefit patients. 


  • Enhanced Specificity of Targeted Contrast Agents for Molecular Imaging with Magnetic Resonance in the Breast. PIs: Timothy Scholl, Blaine Chronik, University of Western Ontario;
  • A multimodal and general-purpose Tumour Probe for Imaging, Biopsy and Surgical Guidance. Metastatic Potential Imaging by Targeting uPA. PI: John Valliant, McMaster University;
  • Develop Metalloporphysomes as PET/MRI Contrast Agents for Prostate Cancer Imaging. PI: Gang Zheng, University Health Network;
  • Imaging pH: Development of MRI Probes for In Vivo pH Mapping. PIs: Robert Bartha, University of Western Ontario and Greg Stanisz, Sunnybrook Research Institute;
  • Imaging Immunotherapy: Development of MRI Probes for In Vivo Tracking of Cell-based Therapies. PI: Paula Foster, University of Western Ontario.

Lead Principal Investigators

Dr. Robert Bartha, University of Western Ontario