Smarter Imaging of the Body


The goal of the Smarter Imaging of the Body Project is to develop new imaging tools and techniques to improve the outcome of liver and pancreatic cancers.

There are three components of the project: (1) MRI coil for imaging of the pancreas, (2) Image guided liver cancer ablation and (3) the development of a nanodroplet US imaging probe for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).


  • Development of a new 3T Multichannel MRI Receiver Coil Optimized for Imaging of the Pancreas. PI: Masoom Haider, Sunnybrook Research Institute;
  • Development of Image Guidance Techniques and Imaging Biomarkers for Predicting and Monitoring Response to Ablative Therapy of Liver Cance. PI: Ting-Yim Lee, University of Western Ontario;
  • Clinical Development of a Nanodroplet US Imaging Probe for Hepatocellular Carcinoma. PI:Peter Burns, Sunnybrook Research Institute.

Lead Principal Investigators

Dr. Ting Lee, University of Western Ontario

Dr. Masoom Haider, Sunnybrook Research Institute