To get the optimal benefit from OCREB, the initial submission of a new study should be made as soon as possible after an Ontario centre/Principal Investigator (PI) is identified. OCREB ethical and scientific review materials (e.g., provincal application, OCREB recommendations, PI responses and OCREB's approval notification) will then be available to facilitate approval at participating Ontario centres.

List of Institutions Using OCREB as Research Ethics Board of Record

New Submissions

Submissions to OCREB must come from a Provincial Applicant/Principal Investigator (e.g., the PI submitting the provinical application to OCREB) and not directly from the sponsor. “Provincial” means that the investigator takes responsibility for the submission at the provincial level.

The sponsor may assist in completing the application and serving as a resource to the PI as needed during the review process. The application must be signed by the PI, who accepts responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of the submission. The PI is also responsible for communication with OCREB regarding study-related issues.


OCREB is qualified under the Clinical Trials Ontario REB Qualification Program