Annual Report Summary

April 2009 to March 2010

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research Imaging Pipeline Platform is integrating critical components of medical imaging centres of excellence in Ontario to accelerate the translation of discoveries to clinical use for screening and early diagnosis of cancer, cancer stem cell research and clinical trials. The Pipeline consists of four components: the Imaging Probe Translation Platform, the Medical Imaging Instrumentation and Software Platform, the Pathology Validation Platform and the Clinical Trials Platform.

The Imaging Probe Translation Platform has made progress in identification and production of new chemicals for cancer screening, and monitoring tumour growth and therapy. This group is also developing new chemicals and methods that will be used in place of conventional imaging isotopes that are now in short supply world-wide. The Medical Imaging Instrumentation and Software Platform has developed prostate biopsy and therapy systems that will allow suspicious lesions identified in magnetic resonance imaging to be targeted using ultrasound. The Pathology Validation Platform has developed reliable systems to integrate results from conventional pathology approaches into more accurate and automated strategies for detecting cancer and evaluating response to therapy. The Imaging for Clinical Trials Platform has developed software modules that will integrate in clinicians’ imaging analysis programs to allow for more accurate assessment of tumour size and monitoring of tumour growth or shrinkage with treatment.

Researchers in the Imaging Pipeline Platform are working with national and international companies to translate the products and technology created through the Platforms for use in clinics and hospitals. Methods for distribution and licensing of new software have been established, commercial partnerships for new products have been negotiated and licensing agreements have been signed. The Platform has also hosted workshops for researchers and clinicians to increase collaboration, highlight new software and feature new imaging techniques being developed for diagnosis and management of cancer.