Benefits for private sector partners and other stakeholders

The HICT Program provides partners in the private sector and other stakeholders with access to and engagement of multidisciplinary expertise within the province through institutional Translational Research Teams, scientific expert review of industry programs and protocols from disease and target experts, coordination of biomarker and assay development, validation and evaluation, standardized tools, procedures and samples, and enhanced infrastructure and operational efficiencies at sites to efficiently conduct trials with translational research.

Current early development opportunities with industry for personalized medicine include the genomics cohort study to identify genetic markers of susceptibility of resistance to targeted agents and using this information to offer specific clinical trials to patients. The HICT program is seeking collaboration with the private sector to establish a series of these trials from which the clinician can choose when making treatment decisions. Other early development opportunities exist in collaborating on clinical trials with functional imaging, characterization of circulating tumour cells, and cancer stem cells.

Specific operational efficiencies include:

  • Streamlining multi-centre clinical trial startup activities through a single budget, a single contract for cancer trial sites and ethics reviews and approvals through a central research ethics board, the Ontario Cancer Research Ethics Board;
  • Improving the efficiency of clinical trial processes through standardized operating procedures, guidelines and training programs for Ontario’s clinical trial personnel;
  • Increasing recruitment into clinical trials through, a website database listing all ongoing cancer trials in the province.

The HICT Program communicates with the private sector and stakeholders through an annual Industry Advisory Board, an ongoing Industry Advisory Board Working Group and one-on-one meetings. Furthermore, the HICT Program welcomes opportunities to discuss the program and its goal in more detail with interested parties.

For further information contact: Karen Arts, Executive Director, Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network at karen [dot] artsatoicr [dot] on [dot] ca.