Immuno- and Bio-therapies


Biotherapeutics for cancer treatment uses viruses to kill cancer cells while sparing healthy ones. There is a potential for oncolytic viruses to be developed into vaccines for the treatment of cancer. The Immuno- and Bio-therapies Program is identifying new agents that can selectively destroy cancer cells and minimize the adverse effects experienced by patients receiving current treatments.

Program Highlights

  • Expertise from global leaders in academia, pharmaceutical and clinical practice spanning over four academic centres in Ontario;
  • Aim to identify new bio-therapeutic (therapeutic cell and/or viral-based) approaches for the treatment of cancer through the execution of high impact clinical trials;
  • Have the unique potential to achieve the “from bench to bedside” concept within a single entity;
  • Partnered with the Terry Fox Research Foundation-founded Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium;
  • Current collaborators include biotech companies, local and international academics, trials groups (National Cancer Institute of Canada – Clinical Trials Group, Princess Margaret Hospital Consortium);
  • Access to unique resources and expertise:
    • GMP-qualified manufacturing facilities (independently audited);
    • GLP toxicity testing (rodent and non-human primate);
    • GLP-compliant immune monitoring program;
    • Strong clinical trial program including infrastructure and expertise.

Immuno- and Bio-therapies Program Fact Sheet

Immuno- and Bio-therapies Program Fact Sheet

Lead Principal Investigator

Dr. John Bell
Program Director, Immuno- and Bio-therapies