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OICR BioLab Training

The training sessions offered by BioLab foster collaboration in the cancer research community and provide a place to share experiences, build new collaborations and drive cancer research forward.

MACSQuant® Tyto® Flow Cell Sorter for Multiparametric Cell Sorting Based on Microchip Technology for Sterile and Gentle Cell Isolation

cell-sortingOver the years researchers have been looking to improve results of flow cell sorting via improving cell viability and functionality while retaining a GMP environment. Miltenyi Biotec, world leader in flow cytometry, now offers an opportunity to expand cell sorting capabilities with innovative microchip-based technology of the MACSQuant®Tyto® Flow Cell Sorter. This unique feature opens up new possibilities in basic research and medical applications by offering high-speed multiparameter sorting and complete cell retrieval in fully enclosed sterile environment.

Learning objectives:

  • Traditional “jet-in-air” vs. valve-based microchip-based sorting techniques;
  • Expanded applications in flow cell sorting;
  • Case studies.

Presenter: Michela Hirnak, Application Scientist, Miltenyi Biotec Inc.
Date: April 17, 2019, from 2-3 p.m.
Where: BR 6-11/12, 6th Floor West Tower, OICR​

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Oncomine Technology and Solutions for Utilization of Liquid Biopsy Assays in Cancer Research and Clinical Practice

Image of DNA

The seminar will cover the newest tools the Oncomine technology offers, from scalable and standardized assays for DNA isolation and sequencing to targeted liquid biopsy assays and panels to identify, track and monitor tumour progression and response to treatment. The seminar will cover the Oncomine targeted and pan-cancer assays for biomarker testing from FFPE, tumour tissue and the popular Oncomine Tumor Mutation Load (TML) assay for cancer immunotherapy.

Learning objectives:

  • Oncomine NGS Oncology Introduction;
  • Targeted and Pan-Cancer Cell-Free Assays;
  • Oncomine Tumor Mutation Load (TML) Assays.

Presenter: Karen Keith, Oncology Assay Scientist, Thermo Fisher
Date: May 9 from 2-3 p.m.
Where: BR 6-11/12, 5th Floor West Tower, OICR

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Save the date for CCRC

Join Canada’s cancer research community at the 2019
Canadian Cancer Research Conference!

Mark your calendars for the Canadian Cancer Research Conference taking
place November 3 to 5, 2019 in Ottawa, Ontario. Hosted by the Canadian
Cancer Research Alliance, this three-day event brings together researchers,
clinicians, decision-makers, and trainees at all stages of their career. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with top leaders in Canadian
cancer research who will share knowledge and address key challenges and
opportunities for innovating cancer research in Canada.