Eva Grunfeld


The focus of Dr. Grunfeld’s research is the evaluation of access to and quality of cancer care across the cancer control continuum – from screening to end-of-life care.
The objective of her research is to understand the complex factors that may limit the application of research within the health care system and to find and test ways to overcome them. Her research goal is to accelerate the translation of research into practice so that it is implemented throughout the cancer control system to benefit the population.

Contact Information

Dr. Eva Grunfeld

Telephone: 416-978-7738


2008 - Giblon Professor and Vice Chair, Research, Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of Toronto.
2008 - Clinician-Scientist I, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR).
2004 - 2008Director, Cancer Outcomes Research, Cancer Care Nova Scotia.
2004 - 2008Active Staff, Division of Medical Oncology, Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre.
2004 - 2008Professor and Senior Clinical Scholar, Division of Medical Oncology, Department of Medicine, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
1997D.Phil., Epidemiology, University of Oxford.
1994 - 2003Associate Professor and Clinician Scientist, Division of Medical Oncology, University of Ottawa.
1994 - 2003Active Staff, Division of Medical Oncology, The Ottawa Hospital.
1991 - 1994Fellow, National Cancer Institute of Canada, University of Oxford.
1986MD, McMaster University, Hamilton.

Research Output

  • Grunfeld E, Watters JM, Urquhart R, O’Rourke K, Jaffey J, Maziak DE, Morash C, Patel D, Evans WK
    A prospective study of peri-diagnostic and surgical wait times for patients with presumptive colorectal, lung, or prostate cancer
    • Brit J Cancer. 2009;100(1):56-62
  • Grunfeld, E, Levine M, Julian J, Coyle D, Szechtman B, Mirsky D, Verma S, Dent S, Sawka C, Pritchard K, Ginsburg D, Wood M, Whelan T
    Randomized trial of long-term follow-up for early-stage breast cancer: a comparison of family physician versus specialist care
    • J Clin Oncol. 2006 Feb 20;24(6):848-55
  • Grunfeld E, Earle C, Stovall E
    A Framework for Cancer Survivorship Research and Translation to Policy
    • Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2011; 20: 2099-2104
  • Grunfeld E, Julian J, Pond G, Maunsell E, Coyle D, Folkes A, Joy A, Provencher A, Rayson D, Rheaume D E, Porter G, Paszat L F, Pritchard K, Robidoux A, Smith S, Sussman J, Dent S, Sisler J, Wiernikowski J, Levine M N
    Evaluating survivorship care plans: results of a randomized clinical trial with breast cancer patients
    • J Clin Oncol. 2011; 29(36): 4755-62
  • Grunfeld E, Hodgson DC, Del Giudice ME, Moineddin R
    A population based longitudinal study of follow-up care for breast cancer survivors
    • J Oncol Practice. 2010; 6:174-181