Rima Al-awar


Since joining OICR, Dr. Al-awar has been recruiting scientists and developing the Drug Discovery Program within OICR. The group is dedicated to the design, synthesis and evaluation of novel anti-tumour agents. The projects within the Drug Discovery Program focus largely on novel targets, with specific chemical probes being created to better understand cancer signaling pathways and potential points of therapeutic intervention. The major goal of the Drug Discovery group is to optimize lead molecules and progress them to drug candidates that can translate into therapeutic benefits to cancer patients.

Contact Information

Ms. Angela Wong

angela [dot] wongatoicr [dot] on [dot] ca

Telephone: 647-259-8931


Research Output

  • Song S., Christova T., Perusini S., Alizadeh S., Bao R.-Y., Miller B.W., Hurren R., Jitkova Y., Gronda M., Isaac M., Joseph B., Subramaniam R., Aman A., Chau A., Hogge D.E., Weir S.J., Kasper J., Schimmer A.D., Al-awar R., Wrana J.L., Attisano L
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    • Published Online First October 18, 2011
  • Mahoney D.J., Lefebvre C., Allan K., Brun J., Sanaei C.A., Baird S., Pearce N., Grönberg S., Wilson B., Prakesh M., Aman A., Isaac M.,Mamai A., Uehling D., Al-awar R., Falls T., Alain T., Stojdl D.F
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    • Cancer Cell 2011; 20:443-456
  • Grinshtein N., Datti A., Fujitani M., Uehling D., Prakesch M., Isaac M., Irwin M. S., Wrana J. L., Al-awar R. S.; Kaplan D. R.
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    • Cancer Res 2011; 71:1385-1395.
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  • Al-awar, RS, Ray JE, Schultz RM, Andis Sherri L, Kennedy JH, Moore RE Liang J, Golakoti T, Subbaraju GV, Corbett TH
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