Jared Simpson


The Simpson Lab develops analysis methods for biological sequence data, with a focus on finding mutations in cancer.

Contact Information

Dr. Jared Simpson

jared [dot] simpsonatoicr [dot] on [dot] ca

Telephone: 416-471-1257


2015 - Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto.
2014 - OICR Investigator I, Informatics and Bio-computing, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR).
2008 - 2012Doctor of Philosophy, University of Cambridge/Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.
2007 - 2008Computational Biologist, Genome Sciences Centre, BC Cancer Agency.
2004 - 2006Software Engineer, Electronic Arts.
1999 - 2004Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, University of British Columbia.

Research Output

  • N.J. Loman, J. Quick and J. T. Simpson
    A complete bacterial genome assembled de novo using only nanopore sequencing data.
    • Nature Methods, 2015
  • J.T. Simpson
    Exploring Genome Characteristics and Sequence Quality Without a Reference.
    • Bioinformatics, 2014.
  • J.T. Simpson and R. Durbin.
    Efficient de novo assembly of large genomes using compressed data structures.
    • Genome Research, 22(3):549–556, 2012.
  • J.T. Simpson and R. Durbin.
    Efficient construction of an assembly string graph using the FM-index.
    • Bioinformatics, 26(12):i367–i373, 2010.
  • P.J. Stephens, et al.
    Complex landscapes of somatic rearrangement in human breast cancer genomes.
    • Nature, 462(7276):1005–1010, 2009.
  • J.T. Simpson, K. Wong, S.D. Jackman, J.E. Schein, S.J.M. Jones, and I. Birol.
    Abyss: a parallel assembler for short read sequence data.
    • Genome Research, 19(6):1117–1123, 2009.