Research Grants

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OICR recognizes the importance of supporting investigator-driven research. Since 2002, $77.2 million has been awarded to 150 projects in 22 institutions.

The Personalized Medicine Research Fund (PMRF) is a funding program of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), which replaces OICR’s Cancer Research Fund (CRF). The PMRF program focuses on translational research that falls into the “funding gap” between basic science usually supported by the traditional granting agencies and clinical development mainly supported by the private sector. It aims to support research, based on excellence, in areas relevant to the scientific understanding of cancer genetics, genomics, biology, treatment and management of cancer patients; areas that need to be integrated to optimize patient management.

The PMRF program supports studies that will address predictive and prognostic genetic tests; identify biomarkers and more informative diagnostic/treatment monitoring tools; and propose applications of novel agents and new technologies (including informatics tools) to clinical development and commercialization. Studies examining the mechanics of novel anti-cancer agents, validation of new targets, and efficacy of innovative drugs or novel uses of existing drugs are types of research supported through this initiative. Through the program, OICR aims to support the advancement of novel anti-cancer therapeutics and new predictive assays from the laboratory into the clinic, and to test their promise in early clinical studies.

For further details outlining the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of applicants, institutions and OICR, please refer to the PMRF Policy. All applicants and institutions are expected to be familiar with the terms of the Policies.