OICR-CCO Health Services Research Network

The Health Services Research Network is a collaboration between OICR and Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) to provide the knowledge needed to optimize the delivery of cancer services today and to ensure appropriate dissemination of health service innovations and well-evaluated technologies.

The purpose of the OICR-CCO Health Services Research Network is to enhance Ontario’s capacity to study the organization and delivery of cancer services across the province. The program aims to improve the quality and availability of new data about Ontario’s health care system, to attract qualified researchers to Ontario, and to facilitate new studies addressing access, quality, cost, and outcomes of cancer care. The Network aims to inform health policies, optimize the delivery of cancer care and maximize the benefits of the province’s cancer research for those currently living with the disease.

The Network’s vision is to contribute to a future where fewer people develop cancer, those who do are diagnosed promptly and at earlier stages, treatment is safer, more equitable and of higher quality and the cancer system is economically sustainable.

Program Director

Dr. Christine Williams
Deputy Director and Interim Head, Clinical Translation

Program expertise and capabilities

Economic analysis, disease modeling, technology assessment and evaluation, practice pattern description, outcome evaluation, pragmatic randomized controlled trials, program evaluation, patient reported outcomes, knowledge translation and data de-identification and release.


  • The Ontari​o Cancer D​ata Linkag​e Project (cd-link);
  • Improving the manage​ment of pain in canc​er patient​s in Ontar​io;
  • Administra​tive datab​ases for o​ncology ca​se costing​ in Ontari​o;
  • Improving ​follow-up ​on abnorma​l gFOBT in​ Ontario;
  • Ambulatory​ toxicity ​management;
  • Improving ​chronic di​sease outc​omes in ca​ncer survi​vors;
  • Knowledge ​Translatio​n Research​ Network: ​Implementa​tion of In​novations.

Opportunities to collaborate

The Health Services Research Program seeks collaborative opportunities for oncology projects spanning the cancer control continuum.


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Dr. Olusola Dokun
Program Manager

Dr. Christine Williams
Program Director