BioLab at OICR is a shared instrumentation division that provides advanced state-of-the-art equipment, tools and technical know-how to support lab research activities for OICR researchers and collaborators.

The mission of BioLab is to educate, enable and inspire OICR researchers and collaborators to achieve their research objectives and professional development goals by providing instrument access, knowledge transfer and continued education on advanced cancer technologies and innovations.

BioLab provides its educational offerings through three main intersecting activities:

  • BioLab provides access to advanced technology and leading-edge instrumentation, tools and supports training that brings new knowledge and skills.
  • To maximize the exposure to current knowledge in transdisciplinary cancer research, BioLab offers participation in the networks of science communication such as online webinars and virtual events.
  • BioLab fosters educational collaboration between researchers and technology providers by sharing knowledge, resources and expertise for faster and more effective communication and learning.

BioLab Hub

To better assist OICR researchers during the COVID-19 pandemic, BioLab has extended its educational offerings by launching the BioLab Hub initiative.

BioLab Hub posts bi-weekly selections of free webinars and virtual events (symposiums, conferences, and summits) on new technologies, instrumentation, applications and innovations related to cancer research.

Upcoming Events

Explore the Basics of Implementing Analytical Validation (AV) for qPCR
On Demand

Real-time PCR (qPCR), also known as quantitative PCR, is the gold standard for sensitive, specific detection and quantification of nucleic acid targets. Our qPCR solutions include powerful assay designs, algorithms, optimized master mixes, intuitive data analysis software for developing infectious disease panels, pharmacogenomic panels, oncology panels, and more.

The analytical validation (AV) of qPCR assays required for test implementation can, however, be a complex and time‑consuming task.

What’s Hot in Synthetic Biology?
On demand

The synbio field, a key player in the bioeconomy, is taking on some of today’s biggest challenges—from developing and manufacturing sustainable materials to helping solve the climate crisis. What is some of the hottest synbio research right now and where is the industry going?

On this episode of GEN Live, John Cumbers, PhD, CEO of SynBioBeta and Shelby Newsad, PhD, Investor at the Venture Capital firm Compound, join us for a broad discussion on the state of synbio—where the field is now and where it’s heading.

Next Generation Solutions for Proteomics Sample Preparation
On demand

The PreOmics team will introduce the PreOmics easy-to-use iST technology. This fast 3-step workflow is designed to be a great support for both those new to proteomics and experts alike. The all-in-one iST kits are compatible with a variety of starting materials, including mammalian and plant samples, different types of tissue and cells, as well as various biological fluids in label-free and chemical labeling applications.The protocols promise an incredibly fast processing time (<2.5 hours) and are easily applicable without compromising sample quality or proteomic depth. Furthermore, iST can be fully automated to further increase standardization, reproducibility, and throughput.

Advancements in Manufacturing for Rapid Delivery of pDNA Starting Materials
On demand

This GEN webinar will explore developments within Charles River’s plasmid DNA (pDNA) CDMO service offerings, including platform screening and manufacturing approaches, improved supply chain management, 100% in-house testing, and, most recently, the launch of off-the-shelf plasmid products for viral vector manufacture.