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OICR Pride

Vision statement: A welcoming OICR community that is equitable, inclusive, celebratory of diversity and enhances pride in our communal beauty.

Mission statement: The mission of OICR Pride is to provide a supportive community for those who identify with an equity-demanding sexuality, gender expression or gender identity, as well as their friends and allies. We value learning together to educate and uplift all of OICR.

OICR Pride – June 2023

Contact OICR Pride at Pride@oicr.on.ca

OICR Pride is an OICR Employee Resource Group (ERG), an employee-led group built around a unifying characteristic. Members of an ERG support the personal and professional growth of each other and contribute to a more welcoming work environment.

Visit OICR’s EDI page for more on how OICR is committed to becoming a more equitable, diverse and inclusive organization.