Patients are at the centre of OICR’s research strategy, which fosters an integrated translational research pathway that links cancer discoveries to patient impact.

In collaboration with our partners, we focus on developing the knowledge and tools to implement next-generation cancer precision medicine in Ontario.

For patients, this contributes to better cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, this leads to improved patient survival and quality of life while also providing economic benefits for the people of Ontario.


Our overall research strategy is guided by these five overarching goals:

Advance early detection and intervention research

Reinforce Ontario’s global leadership in data sharing and analytics

Expand a robust pipeline of novel cancer therapeutics

Drive the translation and commercialization of cancer innovations in Ontario

Strengthen and sustain Ontario’s capacity for translational cancer research

Research blueprint

OICR conducts and facilitates research tackling cancer from multiple angles. Our efforts are grouped into three integrated themes:

Adaptive Oncology
Adaptive Oncology

Developing knowledge and approaches to detect and monitor cancer over its life cycle to enable precise and proactive clinical management.

Clinical Translation
Clinical Translation

Advancing Ontario cancer discoveries through early clinical validation, partnering with industry and the health system for downstream development and implementation of new treatments, diagnostics and biomarkers, thus fostering precision medicine for cancer patients.

Therapeutic Innovation
Therapeutic Innovation

Validating novel cancer drug targets and advancing select therapeutic candidates towards clinical development.

OICR enables world-class translational cancer research in Ontario.

Talent Mobilization
Talent Mobilization

Recruiting, developing and engaging outstanding Ontario cancer researchers and clinician-scientists.


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Collaborative Research Resources
Collaborative Research Resources

Providing access to cutting-edge research tools, assays, databases, expertise, resources and infrastructure.


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Implementation  Science
Implementation Science

Supporting activities that promote the uptake of evidence-based practice and research into regular use by policymakers and healthcare providers.


Cancer is incredibly complex, so tackling it requires a team effort. Collaborative research is critical for maximizing the impact of our investment and achieving breakthroughs in patient care.

OICR actively collaborates with both the private and public sector, including pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, venture capital firms, cancer centres, research institutes, hospitals, government agencies, academia and patients.

Interested in collaborating?

OICR investigators collaborate with the oncology research community in Ontario, across Canada and around the world.

Visit our Collaborative Research Resources directory, explore our programs or meet our researchers to find out more about opportunities to collaborate.

Did you know?
OICR collaborates with people at 580+ organizations from 30 countries around the world