Funding Opportunities

OICR offers a number of funding opportunities for Ontario researchers throughout the year to help enable world-class cancer research across the province.

OICR Cancer Therapeutics Innovation Pipeline

The Cancer Therapeutics Innovation Pipeline (CTIP) Program was established to capitalize on Ontario’s expertise in cancer biology and drug discovery. Its aim is to create a pipeline of validated cancer targets and first-in-class or best-in-class, novel, selective lead molecules (small molecules or biologics) to attract partnerships and/or investment for further preclinical and clinical development. To generate a sustainable pipeline, CTIP will support projects that aim to provide increasing evidence of target validation and disease association using data from knowledge bases, functional assays, and drug screening in relevant in vitro and in vivo models of the cancer type of interest.

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OICR supports cancer research in 18 communities across Ontario at 25 hospitals, 16 institutes and 8 universities.
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