Funding opportunities

Below is a list of funding opportunities that may be of interest to the Ontario cancer research community.

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OMPRN Funding

Cancer Pathology Translational Research Grants

Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network’s (OMPRN) vision is to create a province-wide network of pathologists collaborating to carry out high-quality cancer research with a clear potential for clinical utility. The OMPRN Steering Committee has developed objectives under the three broad themes of (i) Awareness & Outreach, (ii) Education, and (iii) Pathology-led Research. The Cancer Pathology Translational Research Grant (CPTRG) Streams address the latter objective by supporting projects in which the primary drivers are pathologists and the primary focus is on pathology cancer research.

Cancer Pathology Translational Research Grants will build the capacity of Ontario pathologists to undertake transdisciplinary research projects that advance the field of cancer diagnostic, prognostic or predictive testing and provide learning opportunities for pathology residents or early-career pathologists.

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Biostatistics Training Initiative – Junior Biostatistician Award

In an effort to continue to enhance biostatistical research capacity and help meet the high demand for oncology biostatistical support, the OICR BTI is piloting the Junior Biostatistician Award aimed at placing a recent biostatistician graduate at an Ontario host institution, guided by a principal applicant and biostatistics mentor.

With support from the OICR BTI Junior Biostatistician Award, applicant team members will be expected to identify a recently trained biostatistician with the required technical knowledge and skillset required to collaborate with existing host institution researchers to support enhanced high impact research. Through this new placement, the Junior Biostatistician will engage in interdisciplinary, collaborative cancer research.

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