Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network
What we do

Molecular pathology is the study of disease at a molecular level. It is important in modern cancer care and research. Yet right now there is a lack of formal molecular pathology training in Canada. The Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN) helps address this lack of training by educating people about molecular pathology. 

Why we do it

In the past, pathologists diagnosed disease mainly by looking at cells using a microscope. Diagnosing disease now involves studying the molecules inside cells, like DNA and proteins, using different techniques. These new techniques allow doctors to prescribe treatments based on a person’s unique genes and habits. However, the lack of a formal training program about molecular pathology in Canada makes it hard for pathologists or anyone else to learn about them. 

How we do it

OMPRN hosts events and creates online resources for doctors, researchers and the public to learn about this topic. At our meetings, OMPRN members learn about cutting-edge cancer research. We have worked with partners nationwide to host an online molecular pathology learning series with hundreds of learners. We have also designed many online learning modules for researchers and doctors. OMPRN has just started to create brief, to-the-point online molecular pathology “micro-lessons” for patients and the public. 


OMPRN works with experts and users to create the best possible lessons. This means that doctors help us create lessons for other doctors and patient partners help us with lessons for patients and the public. We invite you to suggest molecular pathology topics that you want to know more about so we can build a program together. 

Interested? Please visit the Contact page of our website to let us know.

Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network Summary
Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network

For more information about OMPRN, visit ontariomolecularpathology.ca

The Ontario Molecular Pathology Research Network (OMPRN) is a province-wide network of pathologists collaborating to carry out high-quality cancer research with a clear potential for clinical impact.

The mission of the OMPRN is to enhance molecular pathology research capacity across the province by:

  • Fostering Collaboration and cooperation between Ontario academic pathologists;
  • Increasing the participation of pathologists in high-quality translational cancer research;
  • Providing opportunities for residents, fellows and early career pathologists to obtain training and mentorship in cancer research.