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OICR launches new Patient Partnership Plan
OICR has taken a major step to integrate patient perspectives across its research programs by launching a new Patient Partnership Plan.

OICR has taken a major step to integrate patient perspectives across its research programs by launching a new Patient Partnership Plan.

Co-created with the OICR Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), the Patient Partnership Plan will guide OICR’s activities over the coming three years to ensure they benefit from the lived experience of cancer patients and their families.

OICR believes partnering closely with patients will help align research priorities with patient needs, strengthen cancer research in Ontario and ultimately improve cancer care.

The new Plan establishes several goals for involving patients in research and sets out activities to achieve them. These activities are underpinned by three priorities:

  • Bringing the patient voice to OICR research
  • Building capacity for patient partnership
  • Sharing knowledge

Launching the Plan marks the next stage in OICR’s work to put patients at the centre of its research programs. OICR launched the PFAC in early 2021 and has since incorporated patients into its funding review process, supported research teams to form patient partnership plans and embedded patient partners in key advisory roles.

Moving forward, OICR will evaluate its progress toward the Plan’s objectives and use what it learns to strengthen patient partnership activities.

OICR thanks members of the PFAC for their contributions to the Plan and acknowledges founding PFAC chair Antonia Palmer for working with OICR to initiate these activities. Antonia recently stepped down from her role and OICR welcomed Diana Lemaire as new PFAC chair.


OICR PFAC members and staff have undertaken a thoughtful and collaborative process to develop our first Patient Partnership Plan. The PFAC is excited to work with staff and researchers to make patient partnership integral to OICR as we move cancer research forward together.”
Diana Lemaire, OICR Patient and Family Advisory Council Chair

This plan is the culmination of so much hard work from dedicated patient partners and OICR staff. Yet it’s also a new beginning, and I’m excited to see the impact patient perspectives will have on the future of cancer care in Ontario.”  
Rebecca Tamarchak, OICR Senior Director, Strategy and Governance

“Working closely with patient partners has been a tremendous learning experience for everyone at OICR. Their insights have shaped our research for the better, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to solve cancer together. I would like to thank our PFAC and all our patient partners for their time and dedication in working with us to strengthen OICR’s impact.”
Dr. Laszlo Radvanyi, OICR President and Scientific Director