Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network

3CTN intro panelThe Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) is a pan-Canadian network that aims to improve the lives of cancer patients and those at risk for cancer by addressing challenges in the academic cancer clinical trial enterprise and improving the efficiency and quality of cancer clinical trials in Canada. Through successful execution of academic cancer clinical trials, Canadians will have access to the best available cancer treatments.

3CTN is the only Canadian network that provides direct support to cancer centres, investigators and trial teams to conduct academic cancer trials, through core and incentive funding for sites’ participation in, and recruitment to, academic cancer clinical trials.

Throughout its first four-year business plan covering 2014-2018, 3CTN achieved numerous successes that have transformed the academic cancer clinical trial environment in Canada, including:

  1. reversing the decline in academic clinical trial patient recruitment;
  2. introducing several clinical trial quality and performance tools to improve efficiency in traditional and novel precision medicine trials at participating institutions;
  3. creation and maintenance of an up-to-date web-accessible and searchable repository of national, multi-centred, academically sponsored cancer trials, known as the 3CTN Portfolio, and developing an equitable and transparent process for trials to be included on the 3CTN Portfolio, as well as subsequently using the Portfolio to report on academic trial activity and to identify gaps and opportunities for new trials for the research community; and
  4. introducing a framework and tools for sites to develop patient and public involvement programs.

3CTN is on track to meet and exceed the Year 4 goal of 50 per cent improvement over baseline in trial recruitment target, with Ontario achieving the highest increase in recruitment among all provinces (188 per cent above baseline). The overall effect is greater communication and collaboration across cancer centres in all Canadian provinces. The net results are a more vigorous academic trial environment and more academic trials addressing key questions aiming to improve outcomes for patients with cancer.


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